I’m not a professional chef but I cook from the heart…and that makes everything more special. Every weekend for me is an exciting dilemma on what food to cook. While the internet and Google are my handy companions, I would always experiment with different types of ingredients but almost always end up with something spicy. Spicy just like me.

And on one lazy Saturday noon, while lying on the couch and watching the television and checking out social media posts, I got bored…and inspired. Suddenly I realized why not blog about my cooking misadventures. I tested the waters by posting my first article “LutoNiEmon: Spicy Beef Bulalo Recipe”. To my surprise, I got positive feedbacks from family, friends, and interestingly, from other bloggers unknown to me. I loved it. It made me feel EmonTopoftheWorld…

Now, I am more determined and inspired to write. Watch me. Join me. EmonTopOfTheWorld.

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