Last September 2016, my sister told me that she will give me her 3-month old female puppy because she cannot take care of it anymore ‘coz of her busy schedule. I adopted the dog without any hesitation. We named her Ellie (a feminized name of “L” from K-pop boy group Infinite). I was so anxious and worried because I don’t have any idea nor experience in taking care of a dog.

After two years of taking care of our very own dog @EllieTheSpoiledBratDoggie, I am very happy to share with you my personal tips on how to become a responsible paw parent.

1. Readiness to own a dog – it means you are financially capable to support all the needs of the dog. Based on our personal experience, the first year was quite expensive from buying the dog supplies, medical care (vaccinations & medicines), monthly grooming and other unexpected expenses when Ellie got sick.

Cage & fence
Cage Price: Php 1,200.00 at Cartimar, Pasay City

Cage & Fence 2
Fence Price: Php 1,500.00 at Cartimar, Pasay City

2. Love and Passion – aside from being financially capable, you must have the love and passion for the dog. Make sure to show that you are ready to be there for your dog anytime he/she needs you to care, support and protect. Treat them like a human being. Here are some examples of how we do this:

2.1 Every time that we leave the house, we always kiss & hug her, say goodbye and tell her “I need to work, see you later.”

2.2 Every time we got home from work and she welcomes us with enthusiasm, we reciprocate by cuddling her. Then, we play with her for 15-30minutes until she gets tired.

2.3 Every time she did a great job for peeing on the potty pad, we gave her treats. Always say “Great Job or Good Job.” This is especially true during the potty training phase.

2.4 As much as possible, we don’t leave her alone in the house. If unavoidable, every time she is left alone in the house for a couple of hours, we make sure that she has pasalubong like a new dress, treats, and food to comfort her #PampalubagLoob. We keep track of her through the CCTV.

This #NationalCostume dress was our pasalubong from Japan & Busan, South Korea trip and the other one is a gift from someone.

Ellie’s closet… mga naipong pasalubong ❤️

2.5 We make sure that every weekend or weekdays (after office hours), depending on our free schedule, we drive her and walk her out for dinner so she can visit new places and mingle/play with other dogs #Socialization.

At Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

At the Pets By The Bay Event, SM MOA, Pasay City

Ellie & Hoya at the Pets By The Bay Event, SM MOA, Pasay City

3. Dog Healthcare – it means regular veterinary visits to check the health and welfare. We make sure that we provide all the vaccinations needed for our dog and follow what the veterinarian advises. We also keep the vaccination/medical record of Ellie for future reference.

Ellie's Vet Card
Ellie’s Vaccination Records

4. Dog Hygiene – we make sure that our very own @EllieTheSpoiledBratDoggie is not “Amoy Aso”. She takes a bath every other day. We brush her teeth every time she takes a bath. We always checked her skin and if we see something wrong, we immediately bring her to the vet.

5. Keep your doggos hydrated – We make sure to provide fresh water for Ellie. This is especially true during summer. If we leave her for a few hours, we make sure that she has food and water on her bowl.

6. Dog Feeding – our dog eats twice a day (morning and evening). We make sure that she eats healthy food and we always research what’s good and best food for her. Sometimes we cook some food that is delicious and nutritious just for her. Before giving her anything, we make sure to research first if the food is okay to be given to dogs.

Not Sponsored by Pedigree Philippines

7. Monthly Grooming – Since our dog is ASPIN, a mixed Shih Tzu/Maltese (#AnakSaLabas), she has furry, white hair. We always schedule her for monthly grooming in a grooming center that we are comfortable with and one that doesn’t stress her too much.

Grooming at 88 Bark Avenue

8. Understand The Dog’s Needs – we are very attentive to her needs. Every time she’s making kulit na… when she’s very sweet and kiss/lick our face…that means that she needs to go outside for a short walk. When we feel that she’s sad… we try to ask what she wants. Oftentimes, that means she wants to ride the car and we need to go to the mall or in the park to make gala. That’s how she is.

Emon & Ellie

9. Doggie Kit – A Doggie kit is very important. We always bring it every time we go out. It has alcohol, wet wipes, tissue, diaper, extra underwear, water and plastic (poop bag). We always prepare this kit because she always ends up pooping in public areas. Be responsible enough to clean up your dog’s poop as a courtesy to others.

Doggie Kit

10. Birthday Celebration – we make sure that we don’t forget her special day and we celebrate it in a simple way.

Ellie 1st Bday Celeb
Ellie’s First Birthday Celebration

Ellie’s 2nd Year Birthday Celebration

Ellie’s 2nd Year Extended Birthday Celebration, at Seafood Island, Circuit Makati.

This is why our dog Ellie became @EllieTheSpoiledBratDoggie because of our very special treatment… I know what you’re thinking… that we are very exaggerated in taking care of her. I am sure you will fall into the same trap once you get a pet of your own.

Right now, we added a new family member named Hoya, a “Prince Shih Tzu”. We got his name again from Hoya, an ex-member of the K-pop boy group Infinite.

Meet Hoya – the new member of our family.

We are no experts but I must say that we are now more confident to take care our new dog based on our 2 years of experience. We knew already the do’s and don’ts. If you feel you have the abilities and qualities mentioned above, it must be time for you to be a paw-rent yourself.

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