The Taipei Squad arrived in Tokyo, Japan last November 08, 2017. Straight from the airport, we ride the Narita Express by JR-line for about an hour and 20minutes going to Shinjuku station and it costs us JPY 3,190.00 per person. From the station, we need to transfer and ride the local train going to our hotel “J & J House” located at Sasazuka 1-26-4, it’s 5minutes ride from Shinjuku station.

We arrived at our hotel past 11:00 pm in the evening. When everyone has already settled with their things, we walked to the nearest convenience store and bought our bento foods for our late dinner.

On our first day in Tokyo, Geoff, Denise, and Marga already got their tickets for their Tokyo DisneySea Escape while Gizelle and I plan to visit some parks, temples and the famous Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Then I realized I have never been to Tokyo DisneySea and this is my chance to enjoy Japan with the squad. So Gizelle and I finally decided to join the three. We purchased our ticket online via for JPY 7,400.00.

We left the hotel around 10:00 am to start our day. We walked to Sasazuka Station and rode the train going to Shinjuku Station. From the station, we walked again going to Shinjuku Bus Terminal where we need to purchase our bus ticket going to Tokyo, DisneySea.

Here are the highlights of our Tokyo DisneySea Escapade:

1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – it’s an underwater adventure in a deep sea diving bell while riding inside the submarine. Actually, there’s no water under the tunnel but there are different artificial sea creatures underground that you can be watched. I must say that this ride is suitable for kids.

2. Jasmine’s Flying Carpets – another rides for the kids but of course we tried it. If you are a fan and loves the Alladin movie, this ride is for you.

3. Indiana Jones Adventure – one of the popular rides here, we’ve waited for two hours in line just to ride this one and I enjoyed it a lot.

4. Journey to the Center of the Earth – this is one of a kind illustrious ride and that has a large animated sign with complete flowing lava and steam. It has also a high-speed adventure that includes sharp turns, sudden lifts and exciting drops that I truly liked!

5. Fortress Explorations – Gizelle and I accidentally discover this amazing hidden gem at DisneySea while searching for the smoking area. Actually, this is a great escape from the crowd where you can enjoy the exhibits within the fortress and the views of Mediterranean Harbor. Perfect spot for picture taking.

During the night we enjoyed watching the live show performances in the middle of the sea and after that was an amazing fireworks display that are worth waiting.

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