When I woke up around 10:30am today, I felt too lazy because of the gloomy weather and all I wanted was to lie down on my bed and sleep. I cannot even think of what should I cook for our brunch. I went outside and lit up my cigarette at the garage area (taray “garage” merong ganern? Lol). While smoking, Tita shirl asked me if I will be cooking and I automatically said YES. Now I am compelled to cook. With the gloomy weather, I thought Pork Sinigang would be perfect.

I went to the ever-reliable Dagonoy Public Market that the locals here dearly call “palengke” and bought the following ingredients needed for my Pork Sinigang:

• ½ Kilo Pork Belly Php 110.00
• 5 pcs. tomatoes (Kamatis) Php 20.00
• 2-3 pcs Chili (Siling Mahaba) Php 5.00
• 1 medium onion Php 10.00
• 1 medium taro (Gabi) Php 15.00
• 1 Medium Radish Php 18.00
• 1 Sachet of 40grams Sinigang Mix Original Php 23.00
• Kangkong Php 10.00

Total Cost: Php 211.00
Serves: 3-5 Persons

1. Clean the raw pork thoroughly in running water until there’s no more smell. Then cut the pork into smaller pieces (2-3inches).
2. Peel and wash the radish and taro, cut it in average size then put them in a separate bowl.
3. Wash and slice the tomatoes (into 4 portions) and chili (if you want your dish spicy).

4. Heat 3 tbsp of cooking oil in a pot and sauté the onion until its layers separate from each other (1-2minutes).
5. Add the pork belly and cook until the outer parts turn light brown. Add 5-7glasses of water and bring to a boil.
6. Add the taro and simmer for 20-30 minutes or until pork becomes tender.
7. Add the tomatoes and chili and boil for another 3minutes.
8. Add in the sinigang mix. Taste. You may add some more salt to taste. To be safe, add the “Magic Sarap” para ma-magic ang lasa. Allow to boil for another 5minutes para maging mas malapot at lumasa ang sabaw.
9. Turn off the burner and put-in the Kangkong
10. Serve hot. Share and enjoy!

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